Do you sometimes get stuck when choosing between two things? It could be something simple, like

What to eat for dinner? Pizza or curry?
Which dress to wear to that party? Red or black?
Or what to plant in your garden? Roses or strawberries?

If you constantly struggle with making decisions, or you want to get a second opinion on something, or you simply like considering different options, then now is the time to download AskPlug.

A unique app that allows users to create and answer other users’ polls, AskPlug is the solution for anyone who struggles with indecisiveness, or for anyone who likes giving their opinion and helping other people.
Users can create questions or polls in the format of “this or that?”, as well as uploading pictures to their polls, allowing other users to answer with their votes.

Let’s say you’re out shopping, on the hunt for a new pair of sneakers. A sleek black pair has caught your eye, but so has a bright red pair. You like both of them, but which ones should you buy? You text your friends and family, but no reply.
It’s time to ask the AskPlug community.
Simply take a picture of both items, upload them on a new poll and ask the all-important question: this or that?

AskPlug prides itself on its community spirit, as users don’t only ask other users for their opinions, but can also help out other users in making their decision by voting on their polls.

AskPlug really is an app that every mobile phone user should download. It is extremely easy to use, and you never know when you might have a small or big decision to make and need the opinion of others!

Oh, and it’s completely ad-free and requires no paid subscription 🙂

AskPlug is currently available to Android users on the Google Playstore.